Public Policy Polling – Howe at 9%

Public Policy Polling – Howe at 9%

After finally deigning to include her, Public Policy Polling has Barbara Howe garnering 9% of the vote for North Carolina governor in their latest poll. Interestingly, PPP seems to consider Libertarian Howe as “rightleaning”, which is in contradiction with her stances on many issues. Howe is against the death penalty and Amendment One, pro-medical marijuana, etc. – not exactly viewpoints associated with the right.

Here’s an excerpt from the press release:

“The presence of Libertarian Barbara Howe on the gubernatorial ballot
has no effect on Republican Pat McCrory’s lead over Democrat Walter Dalton. McCrory
sported a seven-point (47-40) lead in last month’s PPP poll of the North Carolina
gubernatorial race, and he now leads by the same margin (43-36), despite the rightleaning third-party candidate’s 9%.
That is because Howe is surprisingly pulling more support from Democrats (9%) than
Republicans (5%); Democrats make up over 45% of the electorate. Howe also takes 14%
of independents, and essentially none of them are potential McCrory voters. Last month,
McCrory led 47-31 head-to-head with unaffiliated voters; now he leads 47-25. Normally
Libertarian candidates, like Gary Johnson on the presidential ballot, dip more into
conservative vote pools than liberal ones.
‘Pat McCrory has led by 6-7 points for three months now,’ said Dean Debnam, President
of Public Policy Polling. ‘But the undecideds lean strongly Democratic so the race should
tighten up between now and November.'”

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    It is a typical error for demopublicans, like PPP, to identify libertarians as being closer to one wing of the demopublican party than the two wings are to each other. This props up their false dichotomy with meaning in their misled minds. When people stop making this error is usually during the process of actually becoming libertarians themselves.